ISSN: 1301-255X
e-ISSN: 2687-4016

Pakize Kayadi̇bi̇

Keywords: Traditional Turkish Arts, Crafts, Knitting, Pouch, Culture


Pouches, which have a specific place and meaning in Turkish culture and art, have been an important item that they used both to carry precious metals such as gold, silver, tobacco, spice, watch, arrow, juz and to decorate their clothes. Nowadays, pouch, their examples are found in museums, archives, private collectors or antique shops and are not produced for lack of market . It is very important that our sacs which are rich cultural heritage are kept alive, transferred to future generations and documented. The goal of this study is to introduce and document that the slices are from our material cultural values and within our Traditional Turkish Arts. In this study, the coin pouches of the crochet were investigated in the Museum of Turkish Islamic Art of Bursa. It is considered that the selected subject is important for contributing to the preservation of the pouches of our cultural values and the relevant literature in terms of Turkish Cultural History