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Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli Üniversitesi, Geleneksel Türk Sanatları Bölümü

Keywords: Kars, Arpaçay, Koç Village, Carpet, Pillow


Kars has a long history and has a long history and various weavings such as carpets and rugs have been made for years in and around Kars. Rugs that were woven in the past to meet the livelihood of the villagers and their own needs draw attention with their durability and brightness of their colors. Although it is known that carpet weaving in Turkey is not only mat and prayer rug, carpet pillows are among the overlooked carpet samples, and have an important place in traditional home upholstery.

Carpet pillows, one of the most common weaving of Kars region, are used on the floor cushion and on the sofa against the wall. The pillows, the material of which is hand-spun wool yarn, are woven with the Turkish knot technique. On the pillows, mostly floral and geometric motifs with a pattern report called corner-belly are used.The floor motifs of the pillows are generally in rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal form. Carpets in the region; It is named with local names such as hooked, hooked, star lake, flowered lake, Aşıklı lake. Ground voids; It is decorated with flower, star, bird, pentacle, gazelle, lighter, amulet, diamond and eye motifs. Carpet cushions are filled with wool inside.

The purpose of this research; It is the introduction of carpet pillows woven in Koç Village in terms of their technical, color, motif and composition features. In addition, similarities with carpet pillows in Turkey, which are found in the literature, were tried to be determined. In line with the data collected in the field in 2018, the source people from the villagers and the information provided by the carpet weavers, work review forms were prepared. Technical and pattern features were determined in line with these data, and technical drawings of the motifs were made.