ISSN: 1301-255X
e-ISSN: 2687-4016

Hülya Serpil Ortaç, Gözde Kemer Gürsoy

Keywords: Traditional Turkish Arts, Weaving, Flat Weaving, Nigde, Kızılca Town


Niğde province is one of the important traditional weaving centers from past to present. Flat weaving is also done in the region known for carpet weaving. Weavings made with the nomadic culture are still continuing in the villages and towns of the region, although they are still a little. One of the towns where weaving continues is the town of Kızılca in the province of Niğde. This culture has become effective here with Bekdik nomads migrating to the town and has been woven in this weaving by local women from past to present.

With this study, 30 flat weaves were investigated by determining the current status of the flat weaves of Kızılca town, which has local and cultural features, the types and techniques of the products produced, color and motif features, It is aimed to draw up a scientific document by drawing attention to keeping local examples alive.

Each flat weave sample is analyzed and interpreted with a work analysis form. In addition, the products are grouped according to similar technical and composition features. In the region where weaving does not continue actively; The transfer of technical, color, motif and composition features to future generations is important in terms of continuity and keeping alive the weaving culture.