ISSN: 1301-255X
e-ISSN: 2687-4016


Akdeniz Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi, Geleneksel Türk El Sanatları

Keywords: Alafaradin, Cicim, Rug, Korkuteli, Büyükköy, Küçükköy


Büyükköy which is the part of Korkuteli district of Antalya province is 18 km away from the centre and Küçükköy is 14 km away. Büyükköy and Küçükköy known as the village of two brothers named Elder Ali Fahrettin and Little Ali Fahrettin is defined as the centre of Alafaradin weavings. That’s why, the weavings made in this region are thought to be said with the name of “Alafaradin”.

Flat weave rugs, the subject of this article, known as Büyükköy and Küçükköy Alafaradin weavings situated in the villages of Korkuteli district was found out in the field study on March
7th, 2020. Twelve samples of flat weave rugs in Büyükköy and Küçükköy were both analysed in terms of colour, motif, raw material, type, size, technique and composition and evaluated by using pictures related with the places. Therefore, defining samples and passing down them from generation to generation with proof has a valuable importance. This research was conducted to record flat weave rugs used extensively by the people of the region and pass down them to future generation. The history of flat weaving, materials used, tools, techniques used, patterns etc. were determined in the context of the research.

The purpose of this research is to reveal the place and importance of Alafaradin weavings available in Büyükköy and Küçükköy within the context of Anadolu flat weave rugs.