ISSN: 1301-255X
e-ISSN: 2687-4016

Ebru Subaşı

Keywords: Wedding, tradition, bride, Turkish bath, bundle


In Sivas, the important milestones of life expressed as "Beşik- Eşik- Keşik" that means birth, marriage and death are welcomed with ceremonies prepared to the accompaniment of rules different from each other. Preparation for one of these three stages- wedding ceremony may be studied as before, during and after wedding ceremony traditions. In Sivas and neighborhood, the traditions "Henna Bath" at wedding stage and "Bridal Bath" after wedding, necessitates a number of unique preparations. "Bridal Bundle" prepared in some cases, with supports of mother-in-low's gifts in addition to the efforts of bride's family, includes bath towel, towel, kerchief, ground cloth for bathhouse etc. For using in bath house as well as Turkish bath basin, bath bowl, soap box, clog, comb, jewelry box made of silver, copper or different metal according to the economic conditions of the families. The aim of the article is to introduce a number of properties that should be included in "Bridal Bundle", a must of "Henna Bath" and "Bridal Bath", in the light of the studies in the region and the information obtained from references.