ISSN: 1301-255X
e-ISSN: 2687-4016

Emine TONUS1, Hülya KAYNAR2

1Sivas Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi, Sivas Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, El Sanatları Bölümü
2Sivas Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi, Mimarlık Güzel Sanatlar ve Tasarım Fakültesi, Grafik Bölümü

Keywords: Sivas, Cultural Heritage, Hand Knit, Socks, Booties


Clothing, which has emerged as a necessity since the existence of human beings, has gained an identity by blending with local resources, climatic factors, and the economic social and cultural values of the society it belongs to.
Clothing in Anatolia shows its own characteristics in each region. Sivas is one of the regions that preserve their customs and traditions. The research is limited to hand-knitted socks and booties in Sivas city center and Hafik District Yeniköy and Yıldız Town. 25 products (19 socks, 6 booties) that are the subject of the research were knitted between 1976 and 2021. Wool yarn and synthetic rope are preferred for socks designed for daily use and special occasions. The products are knitted with five (5) needles, edging or embellishments are completed with crochet and needlework. Plain, patterned and colored patterned basic knitting techniques were used as needle knitting technique. Decorations consist of 32 different motifs which are sprial, double fringe, fringe, anklebone,walnut kernel (rusk), forty knots, blind göççe, one fold, sixty minds and seventy ideas, fold, mad snake, forked fold, göççeli yürütme, sübüra, hound tail, zucchini flower, eye, earring, elibelinde, black bend, side bend, chain, legged, watercourse, butterfly, amulet, crazy fold, hair tie, half-mirror and unknown (triangle). These decorations are also colored with cream, red, black, blue, yellow, pink, light pink, light green, dark green, green, white, magenta, dark blue, claret red, purple, gray, brown and orange.