ISSN: 1301-255X
e-ISSN: 2687-4016

Hafsa Boynukalın

Keywords: Simkeşhâne-i Âmire, Metal Thread, Embroidery, Military Uniform


Throughout the magnificent history of the Ottoman Empire, the use of metal thread in the clothing-dressing of the sultans, the clothes of the state-run organization, the ceremonial clothing and the use of military uniforms from the foundation to the last period are outstanding. The texture of the metal thread creates an outstanding image in embroidery. For this reason, the use of gold and metal thread has been an indispensable element in Ottoman Military Uniforms and accessories. The processing and accessories of uniforms and military items used emphasize both the richness and strength of the state. The amount of glaze used increases in proportion to the rank of the rank. The clothes worn when going out and the clothes worn during the ceremony have always differed from the clothes worn in everyday life.The accessories and embroideries on the clothes of the state officials reflect their rank, duties and status, and seem to be one of the main factors in ensuring the social hierarchy. In this article, the issue of the use of gold-silver metal yarn produced in Simkeşhâne-i Âmire in embroidery on uniforms and its cost based on archive documents will be discussed.