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Keywords: History, Settlement, Yağcıbedir Carpets, Carpet Collection Of Servet Örmen, Me- tamorphosis Of Carpets


Yağcıbedir carpets, which are continued to be woven by Yağcıbedir Yoruks in and around Balıkesir, is the only carpet group woven in Anatolia with only three colors and tones. In the traditional and contemporary sense, Yağcıbedir can produce multicoloredness with few colors and motifs. While there are seven or eight colors in all carpet groups woven in its immediate vicinity; Yağcıbedir carpets have preserved its traditional structure for centuries.

Wool is still used in all materials as a quality. Carpets, which have been woven closer to the square plan since their earliest examples, have recently turned into more rectangular forms.
Fifteen different Yağcıbedir carpets were found among the carpets in the collection of lawyer Servet Örmen. The most important feature of these examples is their very high quality, and their documentation of the evolution of carpets in about fifty years.

Yagcibedir carpets in the collection of Attorney Servet Örmen are extremely rare examples with both quality and colors. The collection includes samples from 1940-2000. If the size differences of the weavings in the collection are not taken into account; Warp, weft and loop materials of all carpets are wool. The warps are white, with 2 or 3 S twists. Wefts are minimum 2, maximum 3 rows; red color is generally preferred for intermediate wefts. All of them are woven with Gördes (Turkish) knot. The loop height is between 0.2-0.3 cm. The start and end rugs are approximately 3 cm long and must be striped design. Side rugs are made as double rugs with 4, 6 or 8 warps. There is no fence except two examples. The fringes average 9 cm. long and braided. The lowest quality is 735 stitches in dm2, the highest quality is 1232 stitches in dm2.

In the statement, the Yağcıbedir carpets and the changes in the technical and pattern characteristics of the samples in the collection will be revealed from a collector’s point of view.