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Sakarya Üniversitesi, Sanat Tasarım ve Mimarlık Fakültesi, Geleneksel Türk Sanatları Bölümü

Keywords: Northwest Anatolia, Shawl, Belt, İhram, Clothing.


Each region of Anatolia has its own traditional clothing. According to the regions, the materials, weaving techniques, cuts, patterns, decoration elements and colors of the clothing pieces are different. Apart from the basic parts of the clothing, there are pieces of clothing added to the clothing. In our language, dressing with care is called “dressing”. Belts, waist ties, jewelry and similar items are included in the accessory.

Clothing pieces also indicate the social status and marital status of the wearer. In this article, shawls and ihrams, which are clothing items in Northwest Anatolia, are discussed. Shawls are used in various regional clothing of Anatolia under different names. Since shawls are brought to the back and tied to the waist in clothing. Shawls and ihrams are also included in married women’s clothing like waist ties. Shawls in Northwest Anatolia; It is seen that names such as arkalık, arkalaç, şal, “shwal belt”, “girdle”, “belt with tassels”, “side peşkir” are given. Shawls are generally woven on cloth looms called çulfalık, in 37-40 cm wide with plain or twill weave with woolen warp and weft. Patterns are made in cicim technique. It is made into a square shape by sewing from the two longest sides of the fabric. Fringes are made from the long warps left from the weaving. The square shaped belt is folded in the diagonal direction to form a triangle, wrapped around the waist with the ropes tied to the ends and tied at the back. The ground weaves, patterns and colors of the shawls are different in Balıkesir, Bursa and Çanakkale regions.

Ihrams In Çanakkale-Ayvacık traditional clothing, fabrics such as shawls are sewn from the edges to form a square, folded into a triangle, and tied to the waist. Ihrams are made by combining three widths of 37-40 cm. While shawls are used only in clothing, ihrams are used in clothing, to carry babies by tying them on the back, as a bundle when necessary, and to be carried over the shoulder like a shawl on rainy and cold days. Ihrams are woven in a single color of wool or plaid, using a plain weave. Shawls and ihrams where they are used are woven on the cloth loom called çulfalık in the regions. Shawls and ihrams not only give a good look to clothing, but also keep the waist warm.