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Bakü Mühendislik Üniversitesi, Mimarlık ve Tasarım Bölümü

Keywords: Azerbaijan, Architecture, Palace Of Shaki Khans, Textiles, Bird Motifs.


Azerbaijan is one of the most ancient locations and cultural centers of the world. Because of the nature of Azerbaijan’s lands people have lived here which has a rich and nice climate since old times. Jawbone of a human called Azykhantrop found in Azykh Cave proves that Azerbaijan is one of the earliest locations across the world. Locations and rock art discovered in Gobustan confirm that people have settled in this region since ancient times.

In historical periods in the lands of our country cities, defensive structures and amazing castle walls, palaces etc. were constructed.

The monuments of the Middle Ages (Mausoleums of Momine Khatun, Garabaghlar, Gulustan, Barda, Palace of Shirvanshahs, Palace of Shaki Khans, Shusha monuments and others.) are among the most beautiful pearls of the East and world architectures.

When traditional textile handicrafts are mentioned in Azerbaijan carpet is considered one of the leading textiles. Carpets are closely related with lifestyle, tradition, belief and social status of Azerbaijanis. While architectural constructions have been built with brick and stones in a certain sequence, textiles have added warmth and colour to interior places knit in fibers with yarns, and have been irrevocable among daily used things.

In architecture and in traditional textiles motifs and decorations are important means of decoration.

In this term Palace of Shaki Khans that is accepted as one of the pearls of the 18th century architectures of Azerbaijan is important with its distinct aesthetics and speculated wall paintings and decoration compositions.

In the interior wall compositions of Palace of Shaki Khans and in traditional textile handicrafts of Azerbaijan animal and bird figures are observed as important decoration elements alongside with geometric and plant motifs.

In this study bird figures used in interior wall compositions of Palace of Shaki Khans that is one of our crucial cultural values and in traditional textile handicrafts have been explored.

The notice has been enriched with drawings and images.